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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spiral Netted Bracelet (The Bracelet is Sold)

If you are coming from my stamping web site you will probably have read most of this.  I did a cut and paste because I was pretty much going to say the same thing here as I did there.  

What I love most about this bracelet is that it will fit most wrists.  If your wrist is between 7" and 8" it will fit perfectly.  I have a smaller wrist and I can bend the metal to make it fit but I didn't because I knew I was making it to sell. It is available in my web store.

We have a family we buy for at Christmas time.  I am told they live nearby (in our town) and there are 5 children.  These children are getting bigger and a Fischer Price toy just doesn't cut it anymore.  So we need to buy more age appropriate gifts and of course they cost more.  So I thought I would make and sell some bracelets to raise the funds so we can get these kids nice gifts this Christmas.  

So back to the bracelet.  It is made using black 1.5mm cubes and #15 silver lined clear seed beads.  A Briolette is in the middle of each end of the bracelet along with Swarovski bicone beads.  

This bracelet is not my original design.  I got the pattern from the April/May issue of Beadwork magazine.  It's one of my favorite magazines, that and Bead & Button or any other magazine that catches my fancy at the time!!! LOL
I am working on my 2012 Christmas bulb and I have the main part figured out and 2 pieces to it made already.  I am not sure how many pieces I need but when I get a couple more made I will dig out a Christmas bulb and see how it will fit around it to know better.  I'm SO thrilled I got it figured out early in the year.  Once I get it completed and the instructions written up I can make some for gifts for the family this year.  They loved my bulb from last year and I am SO happy that I can make them a new and different one this year!!!  I will try to find the photo of the 2011 bulb and post it on here.  It was very pretty.  Actually I made 2 different bulbs last year but only made one of them as gifts.  So maybe I didn't need to create a new one!!!  Well, of course I did.  I have students that will want to make a new one this year!  Wish me luck on the finishing part of it!!!

Happy Beading,